Controversial Author Announces Sequel

Call it the second-biggest battle in parenting. Getting your kids to eat.

The first, of course, is getting them to sleep and in the process, saving what little sanity remains. And once the cry-it-out or Ferberizing or Weissbluth-ing is complete, you move onto food.

And that's the basis of the sequel to the popular adults' "kids" book, Go the F*** to Sleep. The long-awaited follow up is about "getting your little angel to eat something that even vaguely resembles a normal meal."

"You Have to F**king Eat" author Adam Mansbach called eating "the other universal source of parental anxiety, a battle of wills just as pitched as sleep can be. From my own experiences and plenty of conversations with other parents, it seemed like a topic folks could use a laugh and a bit of catharsis about."

The book comes out Nov. 12.

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