Lose your bag of cocaine? Don't worry, the police found it and are holding it for you

Happen to lose a bag of cocaine recently? Then police in southwestern Virginia would like to have a chat with you.

The Crewe Police Department in Virginia posted on Facebook Tuesday that they had found a bag of cocaine and were seeking its owner.

Despite their open request, the Crewe Police Department wasn't too confident that the Facebook post would lead to a drug bust.

"We knew no one would," Beverly Redman, an administrative assistant who helps monitor the department's Facebook page, told Yahoo News. "We wanted to show people that we're human, too. We have a sense of humor. We're not all 'just cops.'"

The Facebook post, however, received a lot of attention, with some people even asking if the department if they would return the bag of drugs if someone came forward to claim it.

"We have been asked 'would you really give it back?' Let us clarify...NO! We will not give you back your illegal narcotics," the department wrote. "The narcotics are weighed, photographed and placed into a evidence locker to be destroyed upon the approval of the courts. We distribute lots of things, such as lollipops to our favorite kids, and tickets to lead footed friends, but we do not re-distribute your drugs. We hope this clarifies our post a bit more."

Facebook user Steven Smith, commented on the post, asking "How much was it? I lost 3.7 grams including the bag weight today and I did go shopping at the super dollar." However, the department replied, saying "Nope. Wasn't 3.7 grams. Sorry."

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