Custom truck built by father and son stolen in Lemoore

LEMOORE, Calif. (KFSN) -- A Lemoore man is on the hunt for his stolen pick-up truck. The classic custom ride holds significant sentiment to its owner, who built the truck with his late father.

The 1970 Chevy is certainly a one of a kind, and where it's sitting now is anybody's guess. Jesse Kuntz says his truck went missing sometime overnight Tuesday into Wednesday.

"It was parked all the way in the corner, in front of the big doors," Kuntz said.

The truck was taken right out of his own backyard. He says the crook broke through his fence and took the truck while he slept.

"I heard nothing," Kuntz said. "I had my TV on in the room and my fan on high. He would have never gotten out of here alive I would have woke up."

Kuntz and his late father, Dan Kuntz, bought the truck 15 years ago. The custom painted flames are their work. He says it's a well-known truck around Lemoore, because of his dad.

"He raised miniature donkeys and he used to haul the donkeys around," Kuntz said. "Everybody knew him in that truck. After he died I went ahead and finished the flat bed."

Kuntz admits the keys were in the truck. "I had it back by my shop," he said. "The key was on the floorboard. You think it's safe in your own place."

The truck may also be damaged now considering the thief smashed the gas meter to the home as he sped away in the truck. Also, poles and slats along the victim's fence were heavily damaged in the escape.

"After the cops got here, we went through our spiel and I got in the car and took off looking," said Kuntz.

Kuntz, his family and friends are posting fliers all over the South Valley with a $1,000 reward. They're sharing pictures of the truck on social media hoping this unique ride is spotted and returned.

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