Dinuba man killed in crash south of Selma

FRESNO COUNTY, Calif. (KFSN) -- A collision with a big rig cost a Valley man his life on Monday. It happened south of Selma on Highway 43. The 29-year-old Dinuba man was killed when the Honda sedan he was driving was hit by a semi-truck at the intersection of Highway 43 and Mountain View Avenue.

Family and friends who lived in the area rushed to the scene. Two families lived in two homes on the property. An orange tree was uprooted by the impact as both the big rig and the car barely missed the houses.

Property owner Rav Singh said people inside could have been hurt, "Very close call. The closest window right there young lady in there sleeping. Next door to that is a bathroom. Young man in there taking a shower."

The semi-truck crashed through a cement wall and ended up in a pool area. The driver was not injured in the crash. The big rig was headed north. The car was westbound on Mountain View Avenue.

Axel Reyes of the California Highway Patrol said it was fortunate more people weren't injured. Reyes explained, "Had that big rig turned one way or another 15 feet, it would have basically gone into the residence. There were some people inside the residence."

Neighbor Harvey Singh said increased traffic over the years have made this a dangerous intersection. Singh said, "It's very unsafe even with all the lights because it's still country. It's still rural and you have tremendous amounts of traffic on both Mountain View and Highway 43."

The CHP has not yet been determined who was at fault in the accident. The investigation won't be complete for another month.
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