Disabled girl found dead, stuffed in refrigerator

HOUSTON -- An emergency custody hearing was held Wednesday for the sister of a 9-year-old disabled girl found dead, wrapped in a blanket and stuffed in a refrigerator.

The details surrounding the death of Ayahna Comb were so horrific, her family members at one point bolted out of the courthouse to avoid listening to more.

On Monday, a neighbor discovered the 9-year-old's body in the refrigerator at her mom's southwest Houston apartment. The neighbor told investigators that she hadn't seen Ayahna, who suffered from cerebral palsy, in months.

The neighbor says the child's mother was nowhere to be found.

Authorities say Amber Keyes, the mother of the girl, found her daughter unresponsive during the early morning hours of January 29. She reportedly tried CPR on her and then put her in bed and covered her in blankets so that her younger sister wouldn't see her. She then took 5-year-old sister Arabea Comb to the school bus stop and returned to wrap the dead 9-year-old in blankets and stuff her in the refrigerator.

Arabea Comb,5, was staying with her father, Armand Comb, when the neighbor made that gruesome discovery. The child's father says he was shocked to learn of Ayahna's death. He said he hadn't seen her for two months.

The judge granted temporary custody of Arebea Comb to Child Protective Services.

Homicide detectives say they currently do not plan to file any charges.
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