Doctor remembers mother of 7 murdered by estranged ex-husband in Downtown Fresno

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A family of seven kids is now grieving the loss of their murdered mother. Meanwhile, colleagues who witnessed her death are trying to heal and talking to Action News about last week's frightening murder-suicide in Downtown Fresno.

Zyang Vang, 33, was shot to death at her job by her estranged ex-husband last week. For the first time since the murder, Vang's employer is opening up about the victim's life and what's next for the children she leaves behind.

Horrified staff members held each other crying after a domestic dispute turned deadly. Their colleague was murdered last Tuesday right in Dr. New Sang's office. "She's quiet and strong, one of those people who are very stoic and doesn't bother anybody with their problems, somebody who actually just did her job and did it well," said Dr. Sang.

Her estranged ex-husband, Neng Moua, 43, shot her then himself. Private detective Rocky Pipkin said no one could've seen this coming. "This particular act, in my opinion, it was unforeseeable and it's a tragedy. If you take the steps backward and see what this individual did, I don't see any matter or form of preventing this," said Pipkin.

Moua was the father of five of her seven children. Dr. Sang said they're now in the care of Vang's most recent husband, who fathered her other two children.

"But it's especially trying right now because the father of the family lost his job when Chukchansi closed, and through no fault of his own he's been out of work, and now Zyang is gone, so they don't have anybody to support them," said Dr. Sang.

He and his staff have created a GoFundMe account for Vang's children. So far, they've only been able to raise a few thousand dollars -- most of those contributions from his staff.

In addition to fundraising, Dr. Sang is re-painting the inside of his office and creating a mural to honor Vang's memory.

"My staff are brave, and they're very strong, and they're doing the best they can," said Dr. Sang.

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