Downtown Fresno revitalization continues with the opening of new housing complex

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Revitalization in Downtown Fresno continues at full speed with the latest housing project creating dozens of new homes.

Tuesday morning city leaders and supporters of Downtown Fresno gathered at The Lede, the latest housing project in the city's Mural District. The gated community, built by Granville, is the company's the ninth project with the city of Fresno to get people to live and work in downtown. "To say that this couldn't happen-- downtown is dead, there is nobody interested in living downtown-- and so, to make that kind of step requires courage and leadership," said Bruce Rudd, Fresno city manager.

The Lede sits on the corner of Fulton and Calaveras. The neighborhood has a rich history in journalism and news. Fresno's first commercial radio station, television station, and the Fresno Bee all called this area home. "The Mural District is a very important place in our city as we turn our attention to the urban core, where you have Downtown just to our south and the Tower District just to our north, the Mural District is really that connecting piece," said Oliver Baines, Fresno city Councilmember.

City leaders said this project will get people to live, work, and play in Downtown Fresno. Construction on a new park right across the street will begin next year. Local business owners on the Fulton Mall hope it means more people will eat and shop in downtown. "You know that the place is safer but it is also supporting that weekend and nightlife that's really going to make us into the place that we want to be, and the place that our children want to live," said Craig Scharton, Peeve's Public House.

Construction began last year on the first phase of 10 units that are ready for people to move in. Another 75 units are under construction and will be ready next summer.
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