Dulceria Mojica Market in South East Fresno destroyed by fire

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A business in South East Fresno was destroyed by fire, early Tuesday morning. (KFSN)

A business in South East Fresno was destroyed by fire, early Tuesday morning.

Hours after the flames were put out, there was still a lot to clean up outside the Dulceria Mojica Market. There were piles of melted Mexican candies and stacks drinks that will go to waste. All of it, damaged goods and the packaging was fuel for the fire.

Claudia Ibanez, an employee said, "All that money, all that hard work, gone."

She started working at the market to support her kids and help the owners, "I feel sad -- I feel mad and I can only imagine how it feels for them," Ibanez said.

The fire started Tuesday morning from the inside, according to firefighters. Investigators call it suspicious. Ibanez says someone set it, intentionally. She isn't sure who but says thieves have caused trouble here before, "People breaking in, trying to break into his trucks, the store," Ibanez added, "not just here but other businesses."

Next door, the smell of smoke forced a beauty salon to cancel appointments. Laura Lopez owns it and says she's been hit by burglars too, "they (police) never do anything about it, hopefully with this, they'll get a move on."

Back at the market, customers stopped by to see the damage. This is where Veronica Ortega stocks up on candy and chips to sell in a park. In Spanish she said, "I feel bad for the family because that's their only income and they also help me out because it's cheaper than all the other places."

Ibanez says it's a tough loss. The owners have been in business for ten years and watched everything go up in flames, in minutes.

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