Elderly woman with gun shot by Tulare County sheriff's deputies

TULARE COUNTY, Calif. (KFSN) -- Nova Edgar, 82, was rushed to the hospital Monday after being shot in the arm by a Tulare County deputy. She's expected to be ok. Sheriff Mike Boudreaux says she was shot after threatening two deputies with a handgun.

Sheriff Boudreaux said, "Whenever there's a handgun involved any type of weapons involved the situation can elevate very very quickly."

Sheriff Boudreaux says the family called the sheriff's office saying Nova was threatening them with a gun. The sheriff says deputies were at the home within minutes and Nova threatened them with a handgun too.

"The officers pushed the family members out of the home and began immediately to negotiate with the woman who was seen with the handgun," explained Sheriff Boudreaux.

The SWAT Team was called out so the robots with cameras could be used to talk with Nova. Three hours later things escalated.

The Sheriff explained, "She exited a room and brandished the handgun at officers near the robot and two shots were fired."

Nova was only hit once. Family leaving the scene is not happy with how the standoff ended.

A family member yelling from a car, said, "They shot her, yeah, really really nice huh cause they were scared - they were scared of her."

Sheriff Boudreaux says they're working to comfort the family.
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