Email sent by alleged kidnappers of Vallejo woman threatens police

VALLEJO, Calif. -- Questions still loom over the mysterious disappearance of a Vallejo woman over whether she was the subject of a kidnapping for ransom or part of a hoax.

The people who claim to be the perpetrators are making demands on police. Vallejo police say the kidnapping was an orchestrated event.

Douglas Rappaport, the attorney for Denise Huskins, claims he's received an email from her kidnappers, which includes a threat against police if Huskins doesn't receive an apology.

Police claimed the disappearance of Huskins was nothing but a hoax, but her attorney claims he's got proof his client isn't a liar and that her kidnappers are still on the loose.

"I have come to receive a 15-page single spaced email from kidnappers," said

Rappaport calls the email a stunning manifesto which he says was sent to the San Francisco Chronicle, after Huskins turned up safe last Wednesday, two days after her boyfriend Aaron Quinn reported she was abducted from their home on Mare Island.

"They talked extensively about how they prepared for it, what weapons to use," Rappaport says.

Rappaport wouldn't say how he got the email, or show us its contents. In it, the group calling themselves college-educated career criminals compared themselves to the crew from Oceans 11.

The group claims it kidnapped Huskins for ransom as a dry run so they could kidnap other high profile people in future, but they admit Huskins was the wrong target.

"They felt terribly when they discovered it was her, but since this was a training mission they decided to carry it out, regardless," Rappaport said.

According to the email, they felt so badly they let her off in her hometown of Huntington Beach.

The group won't ID themselves but feel the need to defend Huskins and her boyfriend from claims by police who say they made it up.

In fact, it gave police and spokesman Lt. Kenny Park until noon Tuesday to apologize to Huskins, or else.

"I/we may be the direct agent of harm, but it will be made crystal clear that the Vallejo Police Department, and you Mr. Park, had every opportunity to stop it"

So far there's been no comment or apology from police.

Neighbors and residents of Vallejo don't know what to believe.

"Why would kidnappers do that? Doesn't seem right!" said one man.

"What is the real truth," said a neighbor. "It's bizarre."

Douglas Rappaport is a San Francisco attorney who has represented other high profile clients, including former Pleasanton assemblywoman Mary Hyashi in a shoplifting case in 2011.
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