Ex-Clovis HS employees accused of sex with same student appear in court

FRESNO, Calif, (KFSN) -- Two former Clovis High School employees accused of having sex with the same student appeared in court to face the charges. Dwayne Andrews and Matthew Pena appeared separately in court, both pleaded not guilty.

Former Clovis High School employee Dwayne Andrews said very little as he left a Fresno County courtroom just minutes after he plead not guilty to have sex with an underage student. Andrews' attorney called the case a sensitive situation.

Attorney Roger Nuttal said, "What we're waiting for is our investigation reports discovery by way of forensic reports from the DA."

Roger Nuttal says it's hard to say whether or not the case will end up in trial. He called Andrews a good person. Court documents revealed the former assistant football coach for Clovis High had a six month sexual relationship with the victim while she was 17-years-old.

Nuttal added, "He's hoping this will resolve in an equitable way and I assured him that I thought it would."

Matthew Pena, who was a photography teacher at Clovis High School is also accused of having sex with the same student while she was underage. He and Andrews were both arrested in January after the allegations came to light. Pena also plead not guilty to the charges -- but his attorney says that doesn't mean he won't come clean about the crimes.

Attorney Michael Idiart said, "It's my feeling based upon my conversations that Mr. Pena eventually will acknowledge wrongdoing, stand up for what he did and accept the consequences."

Defense attorney Michael Idiart says he expects Pena's case will not go to trial and that he'll end up settling the case.

Idiart explained, "He knows what he did was wrong, he knows that there's accountability for that and he wants to take care of that situation and move on with his life. He recognizes that will not involve teaching or coaching."

As is customary in these types of cases, a protective order was issued to make sure both defendants do not contact the victim, who is now an adult. Both men will be back in court next month.

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