Fake Walmart receipt puts 3 in jail for attempted theft in Hanford

HANFORD, Calif. (KFSN) -- A repeat offender is one of three people in jail for trying to trick Walmart employees and get away with a TV.

Imagine almost walking out of a store with a nearly $1,000 TV. Police said three suspects did just that by counterfeiting a receipt right in the parking lot.

"That's a pretty advanced criminal to be able to fabricate a receipt and have the ability to do that inside the vehicle; I don't see that very often," said Hanford Police Cpl. Chad Allen.

Hanford police arrested James Childs, 36, Christian Sandusky, 42, and Sabina Sidhu, 46, last Thursday. They said the three worked together to scope out a TV, print a fake receipt and try to get it out of the store.

One witness, who wanted to stay anonymous, said he was right next to the suspect when it happened.

"He put it in the basket and he just walked on out the store with it, and the undercover was right behind him and said 'show me the receipt.' He showed him a phony receipt and said 'no, he's under arrest,'" said the witness.

But it's Sidhu that Hanford police said is the ring leader in this crime. In fact back in April of last year police found $8,000 of high end electronics stolen from Walmarts in Kings and Fresno counties. Police back then found also receipt printers and said she used the same tactic.

"There probably is some other businesses that have been victim to this, whether they know it or not," said Allen.

Because the television is worth more than $900, this is considered felony grand theft. All three are also facing conspiracy charges.

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