Fresno City College police cadet accidentally shot another cadet during training

Watch the video for extended coverage from Action News reporter Mariana Jacob
FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Fresno police say a cadet accidently shot another cadet after training at the Fresno City College police academy.

Investigators say about 50 cadets were training on the gun range Monday evening. Following the course, a cadet who is not affiliated with any law enforcement agency failed to unload his gun before he fired his weapon.

"He is very emotional," said Chief Dyer. "This was an accident and there was no intent to try and injure someone. He was simply cleaning the firearm and for whatever reason and had not cleared the weapon. So there was still a round in the chamber and at some point when he manipulated that firearm he accidentally discharged a round and it struck a cadet."

Chief Dyer says the wounded cadet was already signed up to join the Fresno Police Department after graduation. He was shot in the leg near the groin.

Investigators say the shooter did not intend to fire the gun and was extremely emotional following the shooting.

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