Former Selma High School employee under investigation for possible misconduct with student

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Parents alarmed as Selma police investigate possible inappropriate conduct between a now-former school employee and a student. The school district has notified parents at Selma High School and Lincoln Middle School of the investigation.

Police and school administrators have been talking to every kid here who they believe had direct contact with the employee. Officials believe the conduct only involved one instructor and one student, but they're making absolutely sure.

A police car is normally parked at Selma High School, but Wednesday the officer had an abnormal duty. Selma police are helping the school dig into the activities of a recently released employee.

Selma Police Chief Greg Garner said, "They had conducted an investigation that led them to believe there maybe some misconduct occurring between a now former employee of the district and a student."

Police interviewed the student and determined the conduct was potentially criminal. The employee worked at both Selma High and Abraham Lincoln Middle School, and the district issued an automated message to parents of kids at both schools.

Selma Unified automated message: "Students and parents of those students who've had contact with this individual have been contacted and notified of the investigation."

Parents say it's disturbing to get a call like that, but what's even more disturbing is how common they've become.

The instructor in question has not been charged with a crime or arrested so we're not naming him at this point. Police say they'll eventually let the DA's office decide the next step.
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