Fresno church burglarized twice in three days

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Pastor Darryl Duchene of Faith Worship Christian Center has been trying to get his church up and running since March. And inside, renovation efforts are clear and visible.

"If you compare it to what it looks like now, from when we first came in it's a huge improvement."

But now Duchene is dealing with a new challenge. Sunday morning when he showed up to prepare for his sermon, he noticed a few doors that are usually closed-- were open.

"My first thought was, 'oh no,' and I looked into the sanctuary and I saw that our soundboard, the box, had been opened and I thought something happened."

Thieves broke in ransacking rooms, taking off with monitors and televisions. Electronics Duchene said were used for his children's ministry.

"You work so hard to buy these things, to purchase these things, and you have momentum going and all of a sudden-- bam."

But just when he thought it could not get any worse Duchene said, "Tuesday morning I'm at work and get a text message pastor, 'they hit us again.'"

This time the church bandits swiped speakers and microphones. Equipment totaling up to $15,000.

"It shows you can't get to comfortable," said Duchene.

Neither can his neighbors. Ducehen said a tattoo parlor and Aresnio's right next to him have also been burglarized recently.

And whoever they are, Pastor Duchene tells us he is willing to help them when they find it in their heart to stop.

"I don't judge people, especially a life I came from, my thing is how can we help you."

The church has since put up this security door to stop additional break-ins from happening.

Another thing to make matters worse for them, the heating system in the building just went out.
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