Fresno man dies after falling 40 feet from a palm tree

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FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Kevin Sanford's family said he was doing what he loved when he fell to his eventual death from 40 foot palm tree. Sanford leaves behind two young children and a wife.

On Tuesday, Sanford was trimming the leaves of the tree when investigators say he accidentally cut through his safety rope. He suffered from major internal injuries and made it through the night -- before he was pronounced dead early Wednesday morning.

Fresno firefighters say they respond to accidents where arborists get stuck in trees all the time. But to have someone cut their own lifeline, while tragic, is uncommon.

Pete Martinez with the Fresno Fire Department said, "We're always trained that any falls from 11 feet could be potentially fatal so you know when you're talking about a tree that high up and terrain... that fall could be and obviously was in this case deadly."

The father of two was the sole provider for his family. Sanford started his own company only a few months ago. He was out on a job when the accident happened.

The family has set up a GoFundMe account where they're hoping to raise money for his wife and children.
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