Fresno police conducting DUI checkpoints, patrols this Memorial Day weekend

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A DUI task force is out in full force for Memorial Day weekend.

At least three people have been cited for driving under the influence at one checkpoint in Fresno on Saturday night. Authorities say on an average night they see at least 500 people come through the area. Extra DUI saturation patrols are being conducted throughout Fresno and Madera counties.

These checkpoints have been around since 1996, and Fresno Police Sgt. Dave Gibeault says they've been essential for DUI education and prevention. He said, "We do see the numbers declining as far as what we're really looking at -- injury accidents, fatal collisions and property damage collisions involving DUI drivers, and those are the numbers we monitor, and those have steadily been going down."

The Fresno Police Department cited seven people for driving under the influence on Friday night. That's compared to two people the same time last year.

Police say they don't just find drunk drivers at checkpoints. People who try to avoid the checkpoints and end up making illegal turns or maneuvers can also be cited.

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