Fresno photo business busted for illegal products with terrorist applications

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A Fresno photography business shut down this month after a raid by federal investigators looking for an illegal product with terrorist applications.

Waymon Dilldine had no idea what he'd see when he led an Action News reporter through the curtain blocking the view of the business inside. More correctly, the former business, because as they walked into the Downtown Fresno warehouse Dilldine owns, they were greeted by emptiness -- a couple empty bottles, a couple paper lanterns, and a couple business cards from Central Valley Jammer's -- the photo and video company that occupied this space for the last couple years.

"Knowing what was going on here and stepping in here, I mean, is it a shock?" a reporter asked Dilldine.

"Yeah, it was," he said. "Surprised me. He was a nice guy, I thought."

The card may say Carlos, but police know Dilldine's former tenant as Juan Fernandez. He'd just turned 35-years-old when Homeland Security investigators and DMV officers raided the business to serve this search warrant later acquired by Action News. It describes three separate dates -- in November and January -- when special agents had an undercover informant ask Fernandez to make fake documents. Each time, investigators say Fernandez delivered a fake green card and a fake Social Security card for the price of $120. ABC30 legal analyst Tony Capozzi says the IDs could be used by undocumented immigrants wanting to work, or by anyone wanting to collect government benefits they don't deserve.

"A lot of fraud being committed here and the government's spending millions and millions of dollars to people who are not entitled to it, simply because of one person providing these false IDs," Capozzi said.

The warrant shows investigators seized dozens of items that once filled the warehouse -- including several computers and tools for counterfeiting. Some counterfeit IDs were already finished products. Capozzi says the alleged crime could put the entire country in danger.

"Who's to say that anyone going in there and getting a false ID might or might not be a terrorist and using that ID to get on an airplane," Capozzi explained.

Seven years ago, Fernandez beat similar charges, and so far, he's not facing a new case after this month's bust. All signs of him have disappeared from the business, and investigators would not comment for this story.

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