Fresno pit bull rescued after being mauled by other dogs

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The Central California SPCA says they've had to amputate the dog's leg because of the severity of the injuries. (KFSN)

A case of animal cruelty has a left a pit bull with four newborn puppies recovering from a vicious attack by neighborhood dogs.

The Central California SPCA says they've had to amputate the dog's leg because of the severity of the injuries. Animal control officers say five dogs gnawed her leg to the bone but those dogs they say were victims themselves.

The CCSPCA said they were so neglected and starving, they cannibalized and tried to eat Sophia.

New motherhood is supposed to be a time of bonding, but for Sophia, she is having to balance that with recovery after being attacked by her neighbor's five dogs just one week after giving birth.

Amanda Yancy is a registered veterinary technician at the CCSPCA, and she has been caring for Sophia since Saturday. That is the day the wounded pit bull went under the knife to have her leg amputated because of her injuries.

"She has done really well," she said. "She could have been totally withdrawn, getting rid of her baby, but she is taking to it very well."

But Yancy knows though she is masking her discomfort, and the pain she is in is likely unbearable.

"Just seeing her and knowing while she may not be showing it," she said. "She could be in a little pain because it is a hard operation. She is having to adjust to only having three legs and also motherhood of taking care of four babies at the same time."

The CCSPCA's animal control officers are currently investigating the attack, and they said the five dogs were emaciated and malnourished.

Walter Salvari with the CCSPCA says there is no indication which of them attacked Sophia.

"Unfortunately, because of their condition, we will not be able to rehome them or send them anywhere for rehabilitation," he said.

Meanwhile, as the CCSPCA investigates, Sophia is in need of donations to help cover the cost of her surgery, future medications, and special food that will give her four puppies the nutrition they need to stay alive.

And Sophia's surgery cost over $2,000. She did have owners, but they were not able to care for her which is why she and her owners are now in the hands of the CCSPCA.

Donation information is available at:

And for fostering information call 559-233-7722 ext. 118.
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