Fresno State Preps After Recent Campus Scare

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Following the recent scare at Fresno State, safety has been on the minds of many.

Columbine and Sandy Hook are some of the school shootings that have stunned this nation. In a moment, life can quickly change on a school campus.

With the number of school shootings that have taken place in recent years, colleges like Fresno State are preparing students for those dangerous scenarios.
"Unfortunately because of active shooters we have to have plans and training," Fresno State Police Chief David Huerta said.

Huerta was one of the speakers at the "Seconds to Survive" program to educate students and staff at Fresno State. "With the scare that we had not too long ago," Rhonda Velasquez, with Fresno State, said. "It was a lot of mayhem, now the faculty and staff have some training they can fall back on."

In November, a student made a threat on social media post to harm people on campus. Police arrested the suspect, but that incident prompted many to think about campus safety.
At the active shooter training Monday, participants were taught to be aware of their surroundings and prepare for how to evacuate.

"I think the key is mentally thinking of your evacuation," Velasquez said. "Should something like that happen and maybe having a discussion in the office, so its being prepared."

Participants were also taught the three key lessons in the event a threat takes over campus. The first is to run, the second to hide and the third is to fight back.

Huerta said, much like a fire drill, people need to prepare for an active shooter. "If they develop some sort of planned response to a threat they have a probability of surviving and saving lives."

And he adds that we all can be first responders if we are faced with danger.
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