Friends of murdered Exeter police officer speak out

VISALIA, Calif. (KFSN) -- Friends and family are mourning the loss of an Exeter police officer shot and killed in his own home.

Daniel Green, 31, was found dead on Friday in Goshen. His ex-wife Erika Sandoval, 28, is the sole suspect in the murder and was arrested on Saturday.

It was a shocking discovery. Exeter police officers found their colleague, Daniel Green, shot to death in his home Friday. As the Exeter Police Department mourns the loss of their brother in blue, a different family is also grieving.

"It's just something about riding with somebody. It's a bond you make with them. How he was an officer, I'm sure they think of him as a brother too. He was our brother just as well," said James Bonds, Green's friend.

Green was a member of a motorcycle club for almost a decade. Friends like Byron Rialon say the officer was a great friend and even better parent to the 2-year-old son he leaves behind.

"He was dedicated to his son, and that's what makes it hard because he's no longer with us. It's just hard. His son was his life," said Rialon.

Green shared his son with ex-wife Erika Sandoval, who's also the prime suspect in his murder. Investigators say they divorced two years ago after a rocky relationship. Now the son is in the care of other family members, and Sandoval is in jail.

"He's the ultimate one that's going to suffer through the whole process of this thing. He lost both his parents, not just Daniel, which was the biggest tragedy," said Humberto Adame Jr., Green's friend.

The motorcycle club members say they plan on reaching out to the Green's family to set up a trust fund for the 2-year-old boy.

As for Sandoval, she's expected to be in court on Tuesday.

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