How You Can Help the Community Food Bank

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) --
The Community Food Bank is starting off the New Year with a major donation. Pallets and pallets of Capri Suns from Kraft Foods are stacked up in this warehouse.

Kym Dildine with the Community Food Bank said, "There are 600 pallets behind me. It's about 1 million pounds of Capri Suns."

Dildine says there's actually more product than there are volunteers. So they're calling the community to help.

"We've got to break them down and be able to hand them out," said Dildine. "We are doing a 10,000 hour volunteer-a-thon so we can get them out. As soon as they're broken down, we send them out in the community. Families put them in their kids' lunch boxes and send them off to school."

In order to distribute the drinks, each box of Capri Suns needs to be opened and checked by volunteers and sorted.

"This is a great project for families," added Dildine. "Anyone five years and older can come and help support their community. We're recruiting church groups, businesses, anyone can come every single Saturday through March. We need at least 250 volunteers."

Organizers are hoping to fill this warehouse with volunteers for their 10,000 hour volunteer challenge. All people need to do to sign up is call the food bank. Officials say the volunteers will receive much more than they give.

With so many pallets of Capri Suns, official are hoping Valley residents will give a hand to help those in our community. The volunteer-a-thon kicks off Saturday and lasts until March.

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