Human remains found in the San Luis Reservoir

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- The Merced County Sheriff's Office is investigating human remains found in the San Luis Reservoir. Fishermen found the remains this weekend off Highway 152 -- near the San Luis Dam and the Romero Visitor Center.

A shocking discovery on the shores of the San Luis Reservoir. A group of fisherman from the Fresno area said they found a human skull along banks this weekend. A picture sent in by an abc30insider shows the decomposed skull. Now investigators are saying it's possible there could be a sinister explanation for the bones.

"We are looking back to missing persons cases and various other cases that have been investigated to derive identification of who it could be," said Sergeant Delray Shelton.

Deputies found other skeletal body parts near the skull early Monday morning. The violent crimes unit is now on the case. Investigators won't confirm if low water levels washed up the remains but workers who monitor the reservoir said it's a likely possibility.

A representative from the visitor center said the last time the water level was at this level was December of 2014. Which is the last time they said anyone could've seen the human remains.

Native American artifacts that have been found in the reservoir are on display at the Romero Visitor Center just up the way. But deputies won't confirm or deny the possibility that the bones could be from a burial site. Luckily investigators said dental records and the remaining teeth may help.

"Anytime we're able to ascertain imprints that helps expedite the investigation," said Shelton.

The last time a body was found in the area was last year. Deputies said a Native American skeleton was found unearthed near fencing close to the perimeter of the park.

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