Hundreds of demonstrators expected to stand at street corner in north Fresno to rally against Trump

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- "We don't like what we've heard from Trump and we don't expect good things to come from him," said Luis Ojeda, protest organizer.

Ojeda is one of the organizers of a Facebook group planning a rally Saturday to protest against President Elect Donald Trump.

Ojeda said the goal is to bring people together who feel they will be negatively affected by his presidency.

"Given the things that Trump has said prior to the election we don't expect good things to come out of it."

Organizers said it is supposed to be just a peaceful, sidewalk rally.

"Our intention is to show our strength and stand in solidarity."

That was the same plan for the Black Lives Matter rally back in July. But protestors shut down streets, marching all the way from Northeast Fresno to Clovis.

Fresno's Police Chief Jerry Dyer is urging people not to do that Saturday.

"In order for anyone to do that you have to have a permit. No one has obtained a permit form the City of Fresno, so if anyone does go out in the roadway they'll be in violation of the law."

Dyer said he will be monitoring the demonstration from the real-time crime center. Using video policing cameras and social media.

"We know that with any protest there is a certain number of agitators or antagonist. We're going to be focused on those individuals making sure they don't entice this crowd."

While law enforcement gears up for the rally, local businesses near Blackstone and Shaw are preparing for it too.

Many of them a few months ago had to close down early when the Black Lives Matter rally came through. Something Fiesta Auto Insurance will do again if they have to.

"It is unfortunate. We do have a business to run, we have a lot of people coming in to make their payments, a lot of people come in the last day so-- so we're losing a lot of business," said Maria Sucilla, Fiesta Auto Insurance.

Chief Dyer said they are anticipating a peaceful protest. He said there will be about 110 officers out in the field and they will be prepared to respond if it is necessary.
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