I-5 over the Grapevine, Highway 58 remain closed following mud slides

KERN COUNTY (KFSN) -- CHP said northbound lanes are expected to open around 2 p.m. on Friday. Southbound lanes is expected to stay closed until 5 p.m.

A vicious rainstorm triggered intense flash flooding and massive mudslides between the Central Valley and Southern California.

A vital stretch of Interstate 5 is expected to be closed all day on Friday. Emergency crews rescued more than a dozen people and eight dogs.

Big rigs and cars were trapped on the highway for hours in the southbound lanes. It took bulldozers and tow trucks to get them out, one by one. Crews are still working to clear out the mud and boulders from the interstate this morning.

"We've been in drought for 5 years now, the mountains are all dry and it's all dirt, we've had some fires so when you get all that moisture, that quick, it just takes that top soil and it goes where the gravity is," said Adriaan Garcia, CHP.

Drivers headed to Los Angeles have two options: turn back, or take a nine-hour detour using Highway 101.

A geologist was called in as well, to survey the area and figure out when it will be safe to re-open the highway.

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