International visitors drawn to WAE

TULARE, Calif. (KFSN) -- The three-day run of the World Ag Expo came to a close in Tulare with another big crowd.

The chance to test out a forklift appealed to people from around the globe. The flags of several countries flew outside the international business center.

Aham Onuoha grows cassava and corn in Nigeria. He said of the expo, "Wow I've seen a whole lot of things. A whole lot of things. The type of machines I've seen I've never seen before so they have good machines."

The big tractors were impressive no matter what part of the world they came from. Farmers and businesses alike flocked to the World Ag Expo to connect to global markets.

Sharif Marupou came from Tajikistan to work as a translator.

Marupou explained, "I speak my own language Tajik, Persian or Farsi, Russian, English of course and I'm learning Spanish."

With over 60 countries represented here the visitors had many questions. Interpreter Michelle Watte speaks both Spanish and French.

Watte said, "If their English is very limited we go out on the grounds and accompany them and help them make their contacts."

The sheer size of the grounds can be overwhelming. Some people needed a lift from one end to the other.

Wheat farmer Sebastian Ilin of Romania said, "Just wanted to see it you know. It's probably the biggest expo on earth. It's crazy. All the big tractors it's just beautiful."

That's what companies want to hear. OMC has sold equipment to farmers from Australia and Chile.

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