Investigation continues after charter bus crash that killed 4 near Livingston

MODESTO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Investigators continue to search for answers in the wake of the fatal bus crash. It's been two days since a bus headed to Washington ran into a metal pole near Livingston. Investigators said the pole was 14 inches in diameter, secured with six bolts and it killed four people as it split the bus down the middle.

Robert Accetta, the lead investigator, said his team looked at the scene and the wreckage for the first time on Thursday.

"We're conducting all fact finding and information gathering that we possibly can while on scene. That doesn't mean once we leave the scene that we will not continue our fact finding and gathering information."

He said there is a stack of reports to go through and interviews to conduct. Investigators will also be looking at maintenance records of the bus as well as medical records of the driver.

"Is fatigue an issue? Was there a mechanical issue with the bus? Any road side design features that may have contributed or might have helped prevent the collision," said Accetta.

CHP officers have also been searching for answers but Captain Brian Hawkins also said it's too early.

"I'd like to be here and say I have significant details to provide, but I don't have much that I can release."

Meanwhile the victims of the crash, those who survived, are recovering. Some are still in the hospital-- including the bus driver. Others have been released.

As for the people who died, all four have been identified.

Moving forward, Captain Hawkins said the victims and the family members are on the minds of investigators and they are trying to bring them some closure.
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