Investigation underway after Fresno Police K-9 attacks innocent bystander

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- An internal investigation is underway after a Fresno Police dog attacked an innocent bystander. The K-9 unit calls the incident "unfortunate" and is trying to figure out how and why one of their dogs mistakenly went after the man.

Just like an officer would be, the dog is on administrative leave. He's not allowed to return to work until the internal investigation is complete. In the meantime the entire K-9 unit is baffled by the attack.

Of the 13 dogs in the Fresno Police K-9 unit, "Kubo" is one of the most senior and decorated dogs. Which is why no one can figure out just what prompted him to snap at a crime scene that was seemingly routine considering his line of work. Supervising Sgt. Bill Dooley says, "There were officers yelling and screaming, lots of noise and traffic going on the officer went to get the dog and pull him out and then what happened happened."

Cell phone video caught the aftermath. The video shows Kubo being taken away, moments after he ran after 38 year old Hanley Sell for no apparent reason, leaving him with gashes on both arms. Sells says, "I don't know what to do I can't feed myself."

Sell said he started running when the dog charged at him but he couldn't get far. "My little cousin made it through the fence okay but when i went to get over the fence the dog had caught me mid stride."

What you don't see in that video is what officers did next. They immediately took Kubo back to the training yard, re-creating the scene, trying to figure out if they can possibly determine what Kubo was thinking.

Sgt. Dooley: "We wanted to see how he would react under similar circumstances and he did exactly what we needed him to do he didn't break, he didn't take off running after someone in a training suit."

And that, Sgt. Dooley says is why an outside agency is now taking over the investigation. "I can tell you that this has really devastated the officer, none of us want to go out and injure somebody- especially someone who's innocent, that's not what we do we don't want that to happen and we all feel really bad."

Police say they'll take care of Sell's medical bills and that outside agency is also re-certifying the dog making sure he's fit to work before he's back on the streets.
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