Investigators may have gotten critical evidence as Fresno murder suspect escaped

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- The man accused of escaping from Fresno police during questioning in a murder case is now officially charged with that murder and resisting an executive officer for the escape.

The new charges came late Monday afternoon, and Ibn Haqq should enter his plea Tuesday, although he might not be able to say it out loud. Haqq came to court Monday on another case and indicated he couldn't speak because of a jaw injury.

Haqq wore just one pair of handcuffs to court Monday, half a pair less than he wore just after police caught him in Sacramento, about five days after he escaped from Fresno police headquarters.

Police say Haqq attacked homicide detectives and kicked out a window before going on the run. But those detectives may have gotten a critical piece of evidence against him anyway.

"When someone flees and tries to escape, that's indications of guilt," said legal analyst Tony Capozzi. "Why would someone run away unless they know they committed the murder?"

Investigators say Haqq shot and killed Delon Agee on July 5. They arrested him two days later. The 21-year-old already had a couple felony convictions in 2015, including for illegally possessing a gun. Judges have thrown him back in jail twice for violating probation in the case -- once by hanging out with gang members.

Capozzi says he might use those experiences to explain his escape.

"His comeback would be 'I had nothing to with the murder,'" Capozzi said. "'This is a probation violation and I just didn't want to go to jail on a probation violation, and that's why I ran.'"

A judge wouldn't allow us to show Haqq in court on his latest probation violation hearing Monday. Probation officers accused him of murder, assault on police, and escape -- but the violation case is on hold until the murder case moves forward.

"Pending that hearing, his (post-release community supervision) is summarily revoked," said Judge Don Penner. "He's remanded without bail."

Haqq will be right back in court Tuesday. Police accused his wife, Elvisha Davis, of helping him escape, but so far prosecutors have not charged her as an accessory.
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