Journey from Fresno to Boston

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- In just a few days, runners from all over the world will be in Boston for the annual Boston Marathon. It's one of the most renowned races in the world and for one Valley runner, it's a place he hopes a dream will come true.

Fernando Cabada said, "My whole life revolves around running. It's the ultimate sacrifice."

Soon he'll take his strides to one of the nation's most prestigious races, the Boston Marathon, with a big goal.

"Top 5 and break 2 hours and 11 minutes," said Cabada. "I think that would be a good goal and a good step in making me a real contender for the Olympic trials in LA in February 2016."

The Fresno native has been working hard to make placing top five a reality. Two years ago, he finished 16th and is hoping to improve on that, this time around.

"I run 110 miles plus a week," said Cabada. "To train for this marathon, takes three to four months. So I've been thinking about this race for 100 days now, every night, throughout the day. I've already run this race a thousand times and now I actually get to go out and do it."

Fernando has been running for 22 years and first started as a fourth grader at Tarpey Elementary School. It lit a fire in him that helped push him to Valley championships while at Buchanan High School and eventually made him one of the best in the country. Fernando trained in Colorado but moved back to the Valley about a year ago. Since then, he's found himself mentoring the next generation of runners.

"This didn't come just because I was talented. I worked really really hard, so I see the fire in their eyes I remember in junior high and high school, I would go home and day dream of running with the elite pack."

In just a few days, he will be running with that pack in Boston. Thankful for his Valley roots and support.

"I didn't improve as much as I did here in the Valley," said Cabada. "I have a lot of motivation and support. It gives me a lot of pride to represent Fresno. I'm lining up against the best in the world, and it's going to say next to Fernando Cabada, Fresno, California. That gives me a lot of pride."

A pride he'll bring with him to the finish line.

The Boston Marathon kicks off this Monday. The start time 7:30am. You can track all of Fernando's progress by heading online to the Boston Marathon web site. His bib number is lucky 21.

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