Kayaker recalls Malibu shark bite encounter

LOS ANGELES -- Dylan Marks, a 29-year-old kayaker who was bit by a hammerhead shark off the coast of Malibu, talked about his encounter and said he will return to the ocean.

He was bit on the foot Saturday afternoon by the shark while he and a friend were fishing. On Sunday, Marks was at home recovering after undergoing emergency surgery on his right foot.

He said he ended up hooking one of three hammerhead sharks that began circling him and his friend.

When Marks began reeling in the shark to remove the hook, he swung his legs over the kayak and right into the path of some frightened fish. That's when the shark's razor sharp teeth sliced through his foot.

Marks said he will be returning to the ocean, but the self-described catch-and-release shark fisherman will no longer be trying to hook sharks.
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