Porterville Police: Mother's Boyfriend killed two-year-old boy

PORTERVILLE, Calif. (KFSN) -- A Porterville man is accused of an unthinkable act, killing his girlfriend's two-year-old-son.

Police believe the boy's injuries were caused by 21-year-old Isaac Murillo. Police arrived at a home on West Parkway Drive at around 4:30 Friday morning for a report of an unresponsive child. There they found a two year old boy with major injuries.

Police say they couldn't get a clear explanation as to what happened, but they say based on the evidence they have, Murillo committed the crime.

The boy was rushed to Sierra View Medical Center in Porterville before being airlifted to Valley Children's Hospital in Madera County, where he died.

Neighbors say Murillo lived with his girlfriend and her son at a home on the 700 block of West Parkway Drive, along with several other people. They'd only moved in a few months ago.

"We know him, we know Isaac," said neighbor Summer Skiles. "He's played outside, played football with the kids before."

But she says that was only a few times, and she hardly ever saw the boy's mother. As a mother of three, she says this is all hard to take in.

"It hits close to home, I mean like I said we knew him, and I mean you can't trust who you have around your kids," Skiles said.

"It's horrible, it's a horrible feeling," said Summer's husband, Alex Romero.

Romero says the little boy was over to swim at their house just the other day, and by all accounts, seemed to love life.

"Sweet little guy man, full of life and joy, just a horrible situation," Romero said. (He) never shoulda gone like that-had his whole life ahead of him."

Murillo is being held at the Tulare County Jail on $1 million bond. This is Porterville's first homicide of the year.
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