Los Banos catalytic converter thieves caught on camera

LOS BANOS, Calif. (KFSN) -- Los Banos police want your help to find three suspects who were caught on camera and are connected to more than a dozen crimes involving a very expensive car part.

Investigators say the men shown on surveillance video may have stolen 17 catalytic converters from underneath cars in just five days. Police say the men target neighborhoods from midnight to daylight. They scope out Dodge Rams, Toyota Sequoias and 4-runners where the part is bolted on and then use a wrench to steal it.

We spoke with one victim who was one of ten people targeted in the same neighborhood. "It costs a lot of money and this is a very hardworking community and after getting 10 from this community that's a lot of money," said Shawn Alberti.

Anyone with information about the men is asked to call Los Banos police.

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