Low water levels not putting off Millerton Lake visitors

When it comes to business, lakes in our nearby foothills count on a large number of visitors for the summer to stay above water.
MILLERTON LAKE, Calif. (KFSN) -- A little haze and low water levels didn't stop a number of people from celebrating Labor Day at Millerton Lake. Signs of the four-year drought are on everyone's mind, but some are trying to make the best of the situation.

"It kind of is sad, but we still get to have fun, and there's plenty of room for everybody to be out here," said Rachel Schilling of Clovis.

Millerton Lake Park Ranger Sgt. Mark DeLeon says as long as people are looking to cool off from the summer heat, they will still make the trip up to Millerton.

"We still see people coming out to the lake. We're so close to Fresno, Clovis and Madera area and the surrounding communities that we have a steady flow of visitors throughout the year," said DeLeon.

That steady flow of visitors is good news for businesses just down the road in the town of Friant. One restaurant manager says customer service is key to good business, not the water level in the lake.

"Yeah, we are actually doing really great on business. The drought didn't really play a big part on us losing business. We just have good food and good service," said Nacho Flores with the Sandals at the Beach Grill.

At Millerton, DeLeon says safety is key for the lake when it comes to swimming, boating and jet skiing.

"We're hoping for a successful, positive, good outcome out here, and we want people to come out and enjoy the park. Recreate anyway they can," said DeLeon.

Park officials say business tends to slow down after Labor Day, but if we get another round of triple-digit heat, which is forecasted for this week, business could pick up again. null
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