Man accused of providing guns to gang members in Fresno area

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Nearly a dozen guns will now be kept out of gang members' hands. Fresno's gang task force MAGEC arrested Brandon Davis Jr., 22, Friday night after a weeklong investigation that started in Calwa.

Two men who tried running from the California Highway Patrol were found to be in possession of guns registered to Davis Jr. On Friday night, they recovered at least 10 loaded weapons ranging anywhere from a 9mm, a 45, an AK-47 and an AR-15 -- all laying around the house and readily accessible.

Police say Davis Jr. has no felony convictions and was buying weapons legally, then providing them to known gang members.

Investigators also recovered large amounts of ammunition, including a 50-round drum and high-capacity magazine. They are still working to open several safes found in the home.

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