Man accused of spreading HIV intentionally could face more charges

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- San Diego prosecutors say there could be more charges against a man who willingly exposed someone to HIV, this as more potential victims are coming forward saying they were infected by Thomas Guerra.

A Valley native says he was in a relationship with the suspect and is now HIV positive. He says he's coming forward to warn and alert other potential victims who live in the Central Valley. We're keeping his identity anonymous, but he told us, "He was incredibly charming and romantic, very handsome, not the type of person you'd think to do anything wrong ever."

This alleged victim is a former legislative candidate. He's talking about the man he called Tommy; a man who's now accused of willingly exposing someone to HIV. "To think somebody so handsome and charming could come along and do something like this it's the least thing you ever expect when you go on a date with somebody that they would intentionally lie about their HIV status."

He says he and Thomas Guerra who also claims to be the grand-nephew of Cesar Chavez only dated for a few months. After their relationship ended he got a phone call from Guerra who said he was HIV positive.

Prosecutors have evidence against Guerra- disturbing text messages and emails in which Guerra reportedly claims he's HIV negative, then has sex with them, and then brags about infecting people. A San Diego judge today said this when Guerra didn't show up in court, "There is a new amended complaint that was filed by the prosecution I would like the defendant to be present for arraignment."

But the Valley native who believes he was infected by Guerra says San Diego prosecutors told him to file a police report. He'd like to testify and serve as a witness in the case. "If he was intentionally infecting people with HIV he has to be punished it's a horrible thing to do."

And he says he's not the only one out there. He believes there are a number of other victims here in the Valley, who also had contact with Guerra.

Our sister station in San Diego was also told other victims are out there.

For now the case is being investigated as a misdemeanor, but if prosecutors can prove it was intentional, Guerra will face felony charges.

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