Man dressed as Santa breaks into Northeast Fresno medical office

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Surveillance cameras at a Northeast Fresno medical office may have caught the only instance "Santa" was not welcome to visit.

Fresno police said a man dressed as Santa first broke into the side door of an optometrist's office in the medical complex known as The Atrium. Video shows Saint Nick browsing items in the office's lobby but then, after a short time left as an employee entered the room. "He began to rummage through the business and we believe that he was looking for something to steal. When we believe he's alerted to the presence of employee which scares him away," said Sammy Ashworth, Fresno Police.

"On surveillance video we actually saw him through the front door and I thought no one is gonna believe me. He looked at me, this guy dressed as Santa, and he said to me sorry, 'Sorry darling' and I thought aww he sounds weird, he's like homeless or drunk or something," said Staci Hamamoto, Optometrist.

Surveillance video doesn't show what he did after, but police said he then used a knife to break into a cafe in the building.

Even though he didn't take anything from these places the suspect is wanted for two counts of burglary.
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