Man gets life in prison for killing father of 4 after Fresno Super Bowl party

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A young teen faced her father's killer for a second time, but this time she had the last word. Omar Silva's daughter told 26-year-old David Quevedo, "You are a worthless punk. You think you're cool because you pulled out a gun and took someone's precious innocent life away."

Fresno County Judge Arlan Harrell sentenced him to life in prison, for gunning down the father of four after a Super Bowl party. Harrell called it a "senseless" and "mind boggling" case -- one that doesn't bring justice even though the killer expressed sorrow for the family.

The murder tore a family apart and forever changed a teenager's memories of her father. She said, "Yeah, David Quevedo, you deserve everything that's coming to you. I hope that at night when you're having trouble sleeping in a cold cell for the rest of your life, you'll remember my face when I was at that door."

She was the one who faced the killer that fateful February night in 2013. She was the one who called for her father as bullets started flying. And on Wednesday she had words that spoke louder than her teenage years. She said, "It hurts me even more that my children in the future won't meet their grandpa, and my dad won't be there to walk me down the aisle on my wedding day."

Silva's daughter happened to answer the door that February night. There was a Super Bowl party, and her dad later broke up a fight. Hours after the brawl, Quevedo knocked on the family's Central Fresno home. As the young girl dodged bullets, she became the sole witness to her father's murder.

Police said he was not the intended victim. His son Omar Silva Jr. wears a shirt bearing a picture of his dad, and told Action News, "This is probably the latest picture we have." He's intent on becoming an iron worker, hoping to follow in his father's footsteps. His brother Jesus Gonzalez remembers his dad through a board game. "I play chess. We used to play chess. I play chess every day. I beat him a couple times," said Gonzalez.

Precious memories -- ones that are perhaps more vivid now that they can't be replaced. All of this flooding Silva's children as they watch Quevedo stare stoically in court -- unemotional and unexpressive. "You don't even know how much you've devastated my family," Silva's daughter said. But she says they have each other and their memories --something that no killer can take away.

Quevedo actually got another 25 years on top of his life sentence. While an appeal is expected, prosecutors have a strong case, an even stronger witness and a lot of evidence. null
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