Merced County firefighter accused of sexual contact with Selma teenagers

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Social media contact was taken too far with Selma teenagers, according to police investigating a part-time Merced County firefighter.

"There was pressure to do further things and I believe that's what prompted the gals to come forward," said Lt. Myron Dyck of the Selma Police Department.

Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat are all pieces of the puzzle that could lead to criminal charges against 20-year-old Kaydon Potter.

Potter is a paid call firefighter in Merced County Cal-Fire. It's basically a part-time position. His chief told Action News Potter was in good standing, but after talking to our reporter, he was going to recommend administrative leave.

Kaydon Potter's social media accounts resemble those of thousands of other people -- with photos of him at work and at play.

But police seized the contents of Potter's as they investigated whether he solicited and received child pornography, using Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat.

Two Selma teenagers told investigators they met Potter online and what started as innocent conversations eventually became much darker.

"Just a conversation and then once some of those were sent there was pressure to do further things," said Lt. Dyck.

The 14-year-old and 15-year-old go to the same high school and only talked about Potter after it was too late.

A search warrant uncovered by Action News reveals both girls said they felt threatened to send naked pictures. They eventually did.

One of them says Potter also solicited sex, knowing full well how young she was.

"It's just ironic that a firefighter, a person who trains to serve and protect people from danger, is the same person who threatened a young high school girl with derogatory words and strong, foul language," said one of her family members whose identity we are not revealing.

Police say the warning given to children about talking to strangers also applies on social media. Many dig for identity theft purposes. Some are digging for explicit photos from young girls and those photos may never go away.

"Anything out on social media always has that potential to somehow resurface," said Lt. Dyck.

Potter has not been charged with any crime yet, but the Fresno County district attorney's office is reviewing the case right now.

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