Merced pediatrician accused of molesting three children with autism

MERCED, Calif. (KFSN) -- A court hearing reveals graphic new details in the case against a Merced pediatrician. Prosecutors say he molested three young patients with autism and filmed several other people in two different bathrooms.

Doctor Carlos Teran Miranda looked at his wife as he walked into the courtroom in shackles Tuesday morning. The pediatrician is accused of violating the trust and privacy of patients in more ways than one.

Merced police detective Joseph Henderson testified that a mother brought her three adopted children to Golden Valley Health Center for physicals last fall. The 10-year-old girl and eight and six-year-old boys all have developmental disabilities and wear diapers as a result. He said Doctor Teran Miranda touched the exposed genitals of each child allegedly to show their mother how to clean them. Prosecutors say it was sexual in nature and the daughter was undressed while her mother was taking the boys to the bathroom.

Michael McKinney, the deputy district attorney, said, "She leaves the room and when she comes back, her daughter is on the examination table, her shoes off, her socks off, her pants off, her diaper's off, and her legs are spread."

The woman went to police after learning the pediatrician was arrested on child pornography charges in February. Investigators said Doctor Teran Miranda hid this noise activated camera with leaves glued to it -- in a flower arrangement in one bathroom and under the sink of another in the pediatric unit.

Detective Dan Dabney with the Merced Police Department said, "At that time you see a 5-6 year-old juvenile female pull down her pants and use the bathroom."

Detective Dabney found five videos and recovered another 21 deleted clips from the memory card. He said they show Doctor Teran Miranda positioning the camera -- and several children and adults exposing themselves while using the restroom.

The defense argued there was nothing sexual about the videos or the exam of the three other children, but the deputy district attorney and the judge disagreed. The defense also requested Doctor Teran Miranda's bail be reduced or that he be released on an ankle monitor because he and his wife care for three children, and she's pregnant with a fourth. But the judge denied that request so bail remains at $475,000. The doctor is scheduled to be back in court next month.

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