Merced pediatrician hid camera in Golden Valley Health Center restroom, investigators say

MERCED, Calif. (KFSN) -- Alarming new evidence revealed in the case against a Merced pediatrician charged with child pornography possession.

Doctor Carlos Teran Miranda is out on bail one week after his arrest. Investigators believe the pediatrician hid a camera inside a flower arrangement and placed it on the back of a toilet at Golden Valley Health Center. A woman discovered it after using the restroom on January 30th.

Merced County Deputy District Attorney, Michael McKinney, said, "The person who found the camera did a fabulous job responding to it appropriately."

These court documents reveal a Merced police officer found five videos on the camera's SD card. He said one clip shows a five to six-year-old girl exposing herself as she prepares to the use the toilet. Two of the videos show little boys between the ages of three and six standing in front of the camera going to the bathroom, and one of those also shows the woman who found the camera. A separate video shows a female employee using the restroom. And the very first clip allegedly shows Dr. Carlos Teran Miranda setting up the camera.

McKinney added, "We're certainly really concerned about the conduct. We have a doctor who was in a trusted position, and doing these things and invading these people's privacy."

Police filed this paperwork to get search warrants for the pediatrician's home and office. They collected his lab coat, ID, and stethoscope -- as well as laptops, cameras, cell phones, and tablets. But it's not clear yet if any other child pornography was stored on those devices.

"The investigation is still ongoing with the police department," said McKinney. "Anything they send us we'll certainly file any charges that are appropriate based on that."

McKinney said his office is also asking anyone with information about this case to contact detectives.

Dr. Carlos Teran Miranda is scheduled to be in court on April 1st, but that date is expected to be moved up.

At this point, he faces a maximum of three year in prison if convicted and would have to register as a sex offender. He was also placed on administrative leave as the investigation continues.

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