Residents of Three Rivers guarding their farm animals as large mountain lion kills two sheep, one goat

THREE RIVERS, Calif. (KFSN) -- Kittens and goats are being put inside. While other animals, like potbelly pigs, are being fed earlier, so they're not sluggish and become prey for a mountain lion that Three Rivers residents say is on the prowl.

They say it's already killed two sheep, and Yolanda Araiza's beloved goat named Selma.

"He's quite scary because when he starts killing the animals, and he's killing the pets, there's a big worry on your hands," Araiza said.

Araiza says she found Selma still warm, next to the barn, on Monday morning. But it wasn't until the next day she saw her neighbor's home video of the large mountain lion eating another neighbor's sheep.

"It looks like it could weigh at least 140 pounds," Araiza said.

Later, a bear stops by to see what's left of the sheep. Araiza says there are more bears on the property that she's managed for more than 20 years, and that these days, you can't spend a day in Three Rivers without seeing one.

The California Department of Fish and Game says bears are common in foothill communities like Three Rivers, but all animals are learning to adapt to urban areas, as more urban areas creep into their habitats.

But in this case, it's the mountain lion that has everyone on edge.

"We don't want to kill it, but we don't know how every night is going to go," Araiza said.

So now there are precautions, like watering down ground in hopes of doubling the shock if it touches a fence that surrounds the chickens. If the air horn doesn't scare the mountain lion away, they say they have a gun, but don't want to use it.

They prefer the mountain lion goes away, so their small cats can go back to playing outside.
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