Moving company aids victims of domestic violence

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A California company is helping in the fight against domestic violence, one move at a time.

Meathead Movers, with locations throughout the state, including Fresno, is getting national attention for their partnership with domestic violence shelters.

In the days leading up to Christmas the Marjaree Mason Center is busy. The center sees a spike in domestic violence incidents this time of year. "More people coming through the door, more phone calls," said Genelle Taylor Kumpe with the center. "Unfortunately, the holiday time is one of those peaks. There's a lot of stress in the household."

But across town they've found an unlikely ally in the fight against domestic violence, a bunch of meatheads.

Moving company Meathead Movers, staffed by student athletes, has made it their mission to help move domestic violence victims out of abusive homes and into their new lives. "It was clear there was a need there," Jay Edwards with the moving company said. "And this was the absolute best way we could leverage the resources that we have at our disposal to really make an impact in the community."

In every California city where Meathead is located, they've partnered with a domestic violence shelter, and now the company has challenged other businesses to do the same with the hashtag "#movetoenddv."

"Anything from salons that are providing free hair and makeup to yoga instructors offering free meditation," Edward said. "If you have a good or service to offer, these victims can use anything the rest of us can, in fact their need is even greater."

The campaign has received national media attention, with over 100 companies pledging to do their part. As for the meatheads, no task is too small. They also help deliver gifts to the families served by the center many who lack transportation.

"The first time they're able to be happy about where they live," Kumpe said. "Be free of that stress and anxiety, they're just appreciative of those businesses that contribute back."

Proving Santa's helpers come in all shapes and sizes.

If you're a business and want to pledge your help to #MovetoEndDV, click on this link: /
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