Native Americans start the New Year at the Red Road Pow Wow

"My heritage is my life," said Eddie Greenflag. "And it's a way to live today."
FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Tribal members are bringing in the New Year by honoring their ancient culture and celebrating sobriety.

"My heritage is my life," said Eddie Greenflag. "And it's a way to live today."

Greenflag of Tehachapi is a member of the Paiute and Shoshone tribes this annual event changed his life.

"This is an annual sobriety pow wow and I been coming here for the last ten years," said Greenflag. "Ten years clean and sober with my new life here and its beautiful and I look forward to it."

For Rosemary Anaya, it's a family event, aimed at passing the culture to the next generation.

Anaya said, "We try to keep our heritage strong by using our language by using our cooking methods by using our clothing to inspire our younger children."

Joelle Rocha is 12. She loves to dance and her friends approve.

Rocha explained, "They think it's cool because I'm a pow wow princes and I had get to see every place I haven't been yet like I've been to the Pechanga pow wow."

Pow Wows were traditionally a time to trade and vendors selling all manner of Native American goods are here. The money raised from Dee Slocum's tables goes to help Native American education.

Slocum explained, "All of this handmade jewelry and all of these handmade moccasins are for AIVA, American Indian Veterans Association and we collect donations for kids that are going to college."

This pow wow has been a decades long tradition Fresno. Eddie Greenflag will be back next year to celebrate his cultural traditions, and a clean and sober life.

Greenflag added, "It feels good to be an inspiration to my family and have them dance with me."

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