New report finds 11 more CA water districts have levels of dangerous chemical above legal limit

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- When activist Erin Brockovich went after PG&E for poisoning groundwater in the desert town of Hinkley, California the toxic chemical was a heavy metal called chromium 6.

The chemical is listed under California's Prop 65 as causing cancer, developmental harm, and reproductive harm in both men and women.

A new report out Wednesday finds Hinkley isn't the only California city with chromium 6 contamination. The report found 11 water districts serving some 400,000 Californians had hexavalent chromium in their tap water at levels above the state's legal limit.

Back in January, the city of Los Banos sent out notices to residents about the prescience of chromium 6 in the drinking water.

The report also found the vast majority of samples from water districts serving more than 8-million Californians found the heavy metal at levels below the legal limit.
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