Plane crash rescues caught on video near Hawaii

HAWAII -- A pilot is safe after having to ditch his small plane into the Pacific Ocean near Hawaii after taking off from Tracy.

The pilot notified the Hawaii National Guard that he was running out of fuel and would have to land. The Coast Guard directed him to a nearby cruise ship east of Maui. The pilot deployed a parachute on his plane, and landed a few hundred yards from the cruise ship. Workers there pulled him aboard to safety. It appears a malfunction caused the plane to run low on fuel.

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A short time after that, four people in Hawaii had to be rescued after they abandoned their single-engine plane. The Coast Guard says their plane ditched 11 miles offshore after it ran out of fuel. A Coast Guard helicopter hoisted the three adults and one child to safety. They were all treated for injuries. The plane was flying from Kauai to Oahu.
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