FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Some people worked up an appetite on Thanksgiving by spending time setting up elaborate Christmas decorations.

On Cindy Lane in Clovis changes will be made to ease a growing traffic problem during the holidays. Visitors are drawn to the bright lights and cool displays near Alluvial and Peach avenues.

Wawona Ranch Estates is better known as Cindy Lane during the holidays. Neighbors have gone all out for decades.

Now folks like Charlie Kronberg were back fixing up their yards which draw massive crowds. Charlie hoped for peace in the neighborhood.

Kronberg said, "It's sort of a blessing and a curse. I like to see the people enjoy it but it takes a lot of time setting up and taking down. It's sort of a mix really."

People were busy setting up their Christmas decorations. The neighborhood will soon be full of visitors strolling or driving through.

Steve Smith chairs the Cindy Lane Holiday Committee. Smith said, "We have about a couple thousand cars a night go through here and it's a safety issue. We're concerned about the pedestrians. We're concerned about the drivers and respecting the residents."

This year the city of Clovis will put up signs to alter some of the traffic patterns and hopefully ease the bottlenecks in the neighborhood.
Smith explained, "We're going to see the signs at the exits of the neighborhood. Right hand turn only to try to alleviate people making a left hand turn on the cross side of traffic. There will be a "No U-turn" sign out at Athens and Peach."

Smith puts out a trash can every year. Residents were asking the public to keep their neighborhood clean. Kronberg said, "There are people of course who put debris down but I guess that's to be expected anytime you get hundreds or thousands of people on foot or in vehicles."

Some people felt their neighborhood has attracted too much attention and gets too crowded but most them love the chance to spread a little holiday cheer.

Cindy Lane will officially kick off December 1st.
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