Playset stolen from United Cerebral Palsy in Hanford

A lock was cut over the weekend, and a playset was stolen from the yard behind United Cerebral Palsy in Hanford. Now, the community is working together to make it right.
HANFORD, Calif. (KFSN) -- A community is now pulling together after play equipment was stolen from a center for kids with special needs.

Employees were shocked Monday morning to discover a playset had been taken from United Cerebral Palsy on Sixth Street in Hanford. The crooks left a slide and a base piece, but they aren't usable on their own.

Family empowerment coordinator Jennifer Thornberg says the equipment was vital for the kids that come here. She said, "That's something that our kids use for therapy, for building social skills, for their physical therapy, their occupational therapy."

They called Hanford police, and news of the theft quickly spread.

"In the grand scheme of things it's a minor crime, with very damaging results," Hanford Police Chief Parker Sever said.

Sever says officers saw an opportunity to make it right. The department began collecting donations to buy new equipment. The city attorney, mayor, Lowe's and Stoney's are also pitching in. Two new playsets have already been ordered. Officers plan to spend time installing them and sprucing up the play area.

"Our officers work on a daily basis to correct wrong things that are done to people," Sever said.

"Everyone was just so amazed that our community just really pulled together for our kids and for our families," Thornberg said.

Now, the donations and support is overshadowing the crime. Instead, everyone is anxious for the new sets to arrive, making this play area better than before.

Hanford police will also be making the new sets more difficult to steal. They're also hoping the original stolen set will be returned. Any extra donations received will go straight to helping the kids here.
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