Police hunting for woman accused of brutally stabbing dog in Southwest Fresno

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Police say a homeless woman stabbed a dog that had just delivered her litter in southwest Fresno, but doctors are saying she's recovering surprisingly well. (KFSN)

While hooked to an IV, five-year-old Rosie made her way out of her hospital cage. She just had surgery Sunday to close deep stab wounds to her belly.

Police say a homeless woman stabbed Rosie near Modoc Street and Stanislaus Avenue, close to Chandler Airport, in southwest Fresno.

It is where Rosie was playing with neighborhood dogs when she was brutally stabbed.

"A transient women entered the yard, acted like she was going to pet dogs and then stabbed Rosie and her two dog counterparts," Veterinarian K.C. Schreiber-Moore said.

Rosie's injuries were severe and her stomach was punctured.

"Right in this area you have your stomach in this area your spleen you have a kidney," Schreiber-Moore explained.

Fortunately, the three to six-inch blade missed those organs, and it also missed the litter of puppies Rosie delivered four days ago.

Schreiber-Moore says had the attack happened when Rosie was still pregnant and the situation could have been a lot worse.

"Potentially damage to her puppies damage to her uterus and damage to her other organs because everything gets shifted when you have the uterus full of puppies," Schreiber-Moore said.

Pet owners nearby say they are going to be on alert because of what happened and knowing the person responsible still hasn't been caught.

"If she did do it, I mean, obviously, there needs to be some kind of consequences," neighbor Priscilla Mendoza said. "I mean, that's animal abuse."
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