Police increase presence in Northwest Fresno after string of shootings

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Two brothers are dead and three other members of the Ford family are injured after shootings on three consecutive days.

Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer says they're still looking for a motive, but say there was some sort of feud between the Ford brothers and 19-year-old gang member Domenek Greenberry that lead to Thursday's deadly midday shootout in Northwest Fresno.

Dyer explained, "We had a suspect who was armed with a firearm that fired multiple rounds, both of the ford brother who were victims were also armed with firearms, and one of those individuals actually fired his weapon at the suspect."

Dyer says it's a rarity, and a tragedy, to have two teenage brothers killed this way. Especially because their younger brother was also gunned down in July. He says they'll have a heavy police presence at the Ford brothers' funeral.

"We're going to be doing some proactive measures in terms of probation and parole searches, serving search warrants and particular locations, and targeting specific individuals that are a part of the gang that we believe to be responsible for some of these shootings."

Dyer says they will maximize their presence in Northwest Fresno, where violent crime has been on the rise, and where residents are at risk of being caught in the crossfire. That was the case with one man who was injured during Thursday's shooting.

"These individuals don't always know where those rounds are going to end up landing and you have innocent people that can possibly be struck," said Dyer.

Murders are slightly down this year, and Dyer says the recent violence over a handful of days doesn't define a city.

Shootings are up 27-percent, with 56 more than last year. So for the remainder of this year, Dyer says they'll do everything they can to reduce the violence and the fear that comes with it. null
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